A family of unemployed immigrants with 8 kids refused to move to a house because it didn't have a living room...

Arnold Suba and his wife Jean together with their 8 kids live in a 3-bedroom house in Luton, Bedfordshire, and consider it "the worst they've ever lived in". The Suba family asked the authorities to give them a house with 6 bedrooms, but already refused 3 options without even looking at them, though they are about to be thrown out by their own fault.

Last year they received 100,000 pounds for maintenance, and while they were moving to the house they live in now, the city council put them in Hampton hotel by Hilton for 4 months.


That's where they live now

Recently they've been given and ultimatum: either accept one of the houses offered by the government, or live on the street and look for lodging elsewhere.


One of the options they've refused to take



Mr Suba was born and raised in Cameroon. At the age of 18 he moved to France, and then in 2012 he went to the UK with his family to study psychiatry at the University of Bedfordshire.


The family say that the conditions in this house are "horrible". But they stayed there anyway, because other houses didn't have enough space and "even a living room".


"We are ignored by the government! We are 10 people, and we live in 3 rooms!" says Arnold Suba.



The city council claims that they've found plenty of options for the family, but they refused to take any of them for no particular reason.


The kitchen 


Source: www.dailymail.co.uk