She couldn't recognize her son after a surgery

Noppajit Monlin had been born with a deformed jaw, and did a surgery to fix it. However, his mother misses his "original" face. She cried in front of camera because she couldn't recognize her own son after the plastic surgery.


Noppajit Monlin had been living with a deformed jaw for 22 years. It wasn't only affecting his appearance, but also didn't let him breath and chew in a normal way.


Now the guy looks completely different. He participated in a TV-show called Let Me In Thailand, so his transformation was filmed and then watched by millions.


The doctors from South Korea not only fixed his jaw - they changed the form of his nose and forehead, did botox injections and got rid of spots on his face. "People say I am a different person now. I feel a lot better! Now I can easily make friends," said the guy.


But his mother still claims he misses the "old" face of her son.


Moreover, Noppajit says he is still in love with his girlfriend, a transgender that he met on Facebook.