A nurse opened a patient's fridge. She felt so ashamed... And she knew what to do

Amanda Mary Perez is a nurse and often she is asked to help patients at their homes. She is a young, pretty girl that wants to have pretty clothes, and perhaps buy a car some day. But she knows that there are more important things in the world...


Amanda came to one of her patients, an old man. He asked her to help him to clean his fridge. The girl opened the fringe. She was so surprised by what she saw - it was almost empty! There was nothing to eat there!


Amanda asked the old man who was supposed to buy food for him, and he answered that it was him, but he didn't have money at the moment...

Perez started to cry. She felt for the old man: he couldn't even buy food to eat, and she was dreaming of a stupid car... So the nurse went to a supermarket and bought a lot of different food for the man.


"I couldn't just leave him there with an empty fridge," wrote Amanda.


"I wasn't thinking about myself. I am no rich girl, but at least I have money for food, and I can share."


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Source: m.theepochtimes.com