A radio host said her name. Seconds later the whole family was crying...

Michelle and her three children were in a car. Her older daughter Christine was driving, the radio was on. It was an ordinary day, and this little road trip seemed to be going perfectly well.

A year before Michelle went through something terrible: her son had died, and she was still trying to cope with this loss.


Her son was 19 years old when he died in a workplace accident.


The family was going to spend a weekend in a spa - Michelle's children thought it could cheer their mother up a bit.


Suddenly something that was said on the radio caught their attention.


"We would like to address someone who we know is listening to us right now," said the radio host, "She lost a child..."


After several phrases Michelle realized that the radio host was speaking about her!


"She is in a car on her way to spend a family weekend in a spa. Michelle, do you hear us?"

Michelle couldn't believe it!

"We know you suffered a terrible loss, but don't give up, please! Your family needs you!"

The radio host told her son's story in brief and added that the radio decided to pay their house mortgage and help with renovations in her son's apartment that he had started not long before he died.


Michelle started to cry. It turned out that it was Christie who contacted the radio and shared the story.

"Thank you so much!" repeated Michelle over and over again.

Source: uplift.theepochtimes.com