A crocodile attacked a girl. She managed to survive the encounter!

One day 10-year-old Juliana Ossa and her mother went to the beach. Who would have thought that the trip would result in a battle for girl's life? A crocodile attacked the child that day!


It happened at Orlando lake. The girl was hanging out with her friends not far from the shore. There was a sign saying that it was dangerous to swim in the lake because of the predators.


All of a sudden people heard the girl scream. Later her mother commented, "I immediately realized it was a crocodile."

The animal clenched its teeth on the girl's leg and wouldn't let go. She fought the predator back! It was very dangerous, nobody could help her as the adults were far. And then the girl remembered what she learned during an excursion to a lizard park...


"I stuck two fingers in its nose," told Juliana.

The logic is simple: if the crocodile can't breath with the nose, it opens its mouth to gasp for air, and normally that gives the victim the only chance to escape.

The mother arrived at the sight as fast as she could, grabbed her daughter and carried her away while the crocodile was retreating to the water.

The girl is fine, she will be able to walk again soon. Her friends think she is a heroine. Who knew an excursion to a lizard park could save a child's life?


"Normally this kind of stories end badly, but my daughter was brave and lucky enough," said her father.

Source: www.youtube.com