A policeman delivered a baby because there was no time to take the woman to a hospital

Thanksgiving is a big deal in the USA. Traditionally you are supposed to spend it with your family. Michael Colotti's family was expecting him home for a holiday dinner, but he was on duty that day - Michael is a policeman.


He received an urgent call. A woman was about to give birth! Colotti and his partner Murphy hurried up to her place, though they had no idea what they would do...

When they studied in the police academy, they were taught how to deliver babies. But it was a long time ago, and anyway they've never practiced assisting to real labor.

The policemen put cushions under her back and started the process... The woman gave birth to a healthy child with the help of the officers. Right when they finished, an ambulance arrived. The mother and the baby were taken to the hospital.


"I can't say I was ready to do what I did... But I remembered being taught to deliver a baby. All that information just popped up in my head. Thanks God there were no complications!” said Colotti.

The father of the child was present, but he was to confused to be of help.

Later the officers went to the hospital to visit the mother and the newborn. Among other things, she told them that she had already gone to the hospital on the day of labor, but the doctor told her it was still too early! He said she’d have to come back in a couple of days. And right when she came back home, contractions started.


Chief of the Police of Stoneham James McIntyre issued a formal gratitude to the officers for their professionalism and great crisis-management skills.

Source: www.nbcconnecticut.com