They bought an old house for a cheap price. Look at how they renovated it!

Everybody wants to have his or her own house, a place to hide from the cruelty of the outside world. But nowadays buying a house appears to be a hard thing to do because it is too expensive even for a middle-class person.

However, in Liverpool they let you buy a house for only one pound. Yes, it's not a joke.

A couple has been dreaming of a house for a long time, but couldn't afford it. One day they stumbled upon the House for one pound project and decided to participate. They were granted an old house, which they transformed in one year into something incredible.

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Sam and Rachel Kamau posted the before/after photos of the house online to show everyone the amount of work they had done.

The Kamau family never had their own dwelling. They had been renting for 16 years. Their daughters grew up in small rooms. So this project was a chance to change their life completely.

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When they entered the house for the first time, they were stunned. The floors were roten, there was mould and fungus everywhere, windows and doors were broken. The house was in a deplorable state, and the family realized they had a lot of work ahead.

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They took a deep breath and started on the renovation. Rachel Kamau and her daughters, 12-year-old Alexis and 19-year-old Anna, had been working hard during a year. They spent all their savings to properly restore and decorate the house.

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Months of hard work were not spent in vain. Now they can proudly show the results of the renovation!

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In March they put new floors and installed new windows. It was obvious that they were close to the finish line. In June the family finally started to choose furniture and buy electronics.

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They couldn't sleep the first night in the new house - they were so exited!

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Thanks to the House for one pound project this family now has a house of their own. The program has 6000 properties to offer. First 100 families already moved in their renovated houses, and 150 more are waiting for their applications to be approved by the administration of Liverpool.

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Not everybody can become a part of this project. The main condition is to live or work in Liverpool. The new owner is obligated to renovate the house and can't sell it during  5 years.

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