"I am so sorry..." said the doctor to the mother of the twins. But the girls survived!

This British couple heard these horrible words 6 years ago. The doctor said, "I am sorry...", and their world collapsed. At the time they already had a son, Finlay, and they were waiting for another baby.


Jody, the mother, had an involuntary abortion after the birth of their first son, but at that time the couple was sure they were ready to try again.


During the first medical examination Jody was very happy to hear that she and her baby were all right. In fact, babies, plural. The doctor informed the couple they were going to have twins!


The girls were born 6 weeks earlier than planned and had to stay in the hospital for a while. Just when Jody and Matt were about to take the twins home, the doctors broke their heart with the news - the babies had been born with Down syndrome...


Today children with this genetic disease can have a perfectly normal life - go to school and university, socialise, build a family.


But these were not the only news. It turned out that one of the twins was deaf, and the other had a hole in her heart. It was clear that it would be hard to take care of the girls, but their parents did everything they could to reduce the influence of these disabilities on the girls' lives.


Now they are 6 years old, and their health issues are almost undetectable. They go to an ordinary public school.