A bus driver gave his gloves to a child that was freezing

A child was waiting for a school bus. It was a very cold day, but he didn't have gloves. The poor boy was so cold that he started to cry when he entered the bus. John Lunsford, the driver, couldn't stand it - he offered his own gloves to the boy.


"I looked at him and saw his red ears and red hands, he was freezing! So I gave my gloves to him." said Lansford.

Lunsford is a veteran who started to work as a school bus driver 3 years ago.

But it was not the only good thing he did that day. Later he went to a store and bought 10 pairs of pink and black gloves. He gave several of them to the boy, saying that he was a grandfather and that he couldn't let a child freeze.


Lunsford told all the students that if they were cold, they should just ask him for a spare pair of gloves that he would keep in the bus from that moment on.


Well, he bought the gloves in an all for one dollar shop, but the important thing is that he cares about children.

It is easy to be a good person!