This couple has been together for 80 years, can you believe it?!

Arthur and Marcia Jacobs are pretty famous in USA. He is 105 years old, and she is 100. And they have been married for... 80 years! And they still keep loving each other... Unfortunately, now Marcia is in a hospital, but her husband came to visit her on the day of their anniversary, and this touching moment was filmed by their grandson.


"Do you remember marrying this guy named Arthur Jacobs?" asked her her grandson smiling. She is 100 years old - she can't talk or move much. She has some medical conditions and there is a nurse that takes care of her. But despite of all that she tried to give an answer...


Arthur sat by her bed and took her by the hand. She said, struggling with every sound, "Hi... hi."

He said, "I've been loving you for 80 years! You are my one and only soulmate. I love you so much."

They met in Wisconsin University when they were both students, and got married before the Second World War! Impressive, right? They spent their whole life together in Larchmont, New York.


Often Marcia is very disoriented. But this time she kissed her husband's hand in response. 80 years of loving one single person... The poor woman has almost lost her ability to communicate, but at least she still recognises her husband.

Arthur added, "I miss you so much. We haven't talked for ages..."


Gabe, their grandson and the author of this video, later wrote, "My grandma and grandpa are incredible. Arthur is still so much in love with Marcia. Too bad she can't really talk, but I am sure he knows that she loves him, too..."