This 6-year-old was ashamed of his ears. Doctors helped him to believe in himself!

Gage Berger had weird ears that made him look like a dwarf. He suffered a lot because of this defect: his classmates laughed at him, they didn't want to play with the boy. So his parents took a difficult decision...


Gage was scared of going to school. He was frequently teased and insulted by other schoolchildren.


"I want them to stop laughing at me... It's not my fault I have these weird dwarf ears!" said Gage.


It was a hard decision for his parents. On the one hand, he is just a child, and his parents shouldn't allow an unnecessary surgery. On the other hand, the boy was so stressed out because of his appearance that he couldn't even go to school anymore.

"I can't watch my son suffer like that!" said his mother.


His parents decided on a plastic surgery. Dr. Steven Mobley from Salt Lake City was the one who agreed to do it.


The boy was very anxious before the surgery... But when he saw the result, he became insanely happy! It was worth it - he could look in a mirror without being embarrassed of his own appearance.


The operation lasted just 2 hours.



"It was the right thing to do! Now he will finally live a normal life, and all those bullies will leave him be!" said Gage's parents.