Conjoined twins who shared a heart were successfully separated!

Doctors told Jacqueline that she was going to have twins. But it was to soon get exited.. The babies turned out to be conjoined twins. They shared one heart, and they were not supposed to survive their birth.


Jacqueline and Mark liked the fact that they were going to have twins. Doctors warned them them that it would be possible to get the children out only by doing a c-section. Moreover, they shared a heart and a liver, so it was highly possible they wouldn't live long...


Dr. Jennifer Ko Wu dared to offer the worried parents to try to separate the twins. It was a risky operation, but at least it would give them a chance.


"We were so scared..." recalls Jacqueline.


The operation went well, and both Scarlett and Savannah survived!


Doctors still can't believe that they managed to separate the twins without doing any health damage.