This guy lost 127 kilos and radically changed his life

He didn't have a job or a girlfriend, he just didn't have anything to do. This guy from Ireland weighed 200 kilos...


Dylan finished high school when he was 16. He started to look for a job right away, but couldn't find anything suitable. So he just stayed home. He ate, ate and ate... When he turned 19, he weighed more than 200 kilos, and he realized - it's time to change everything!


"Bread, french fries, sandwiches before going to sleep... I ate a lot, it calmed me down. I started feeling chest pains, my blood pressure was unstable, it was crazy to live like that..."


He wanted to be happy, and he knew that he had to lose weight in order to start living a happy life.


With the help of his family Dylan started to do sports. He found a personal trainer, got on a diet and walked every day.


Before that he hated vegetables. But he sacrificed his tastes in order to transform his body.


He lost weight, and soon he found a job as a chef. Then he met Amy... She was very proud of his efforts when he dared to show her his old photos.


Now Dylan is saving money to do a surgery that would help him to get rid of the skin excess.