A mother of triplets was pregnant again. You'd never believe what she was about to tell her 3 children...

This couple had been trying to have children for a long time. And one day ultrasound showed... triplets. The future parents were insanely happy!

Courtney and Philip Garrett from New Orleans wanted to have kids starting from the day they met. They tried to conceive for years, but without any success. Doctors said, "Perhaps you can't have children".


Finally Courtney got pregnant. And there were 3 babies growing in her uterus!

She gave birth. Her children were growing healthy and strong, and one day, when the triplets were 7 years old, Courtney told them, "There is a present I have for you. Can you guess what it is?" "A dog!" "An X-box!" screamed the children.


Six months later Oliver, Jack and Ellie met Wells, Vivian and George for the first time - their triplet sisters! The parents started to think about buying a bigger house...


"We were told we could never have kids... And now we have 6 children!" laughs the happy couple.

Source: www.ntd.tv