A tricky photo shoot: it made him cry!

Chelsea realized that she was pregnant. She didn't know how to present it to her husband... And she thought of a perfect way to do it!


She hired a photographer from Cara Quinn agency and told her husband she wanted to do a photo shoot.


She asked her husband to think of some important words he wanted to tell her, and write them on a mini-blackboard. Then they would show each other their blackboards during the photo shoot.


Her husband had no idea that it was all about her message... So he just wrote sweet words on the board. "Beautiful, witty, smart." Then he saw her board...



Such a sincere expression on his face! A perfect surprise!


In several years there will be three of them to look through the photos of this special photo shoot...


Sure, not all the future fathers have the same reaction. Here is a video about one of the ways to take the news...

Source: www.popsugar.com