He was starving his kids to death. Police officers interfered

Several police officers of Bernalillo district, New Mexico, were walking down the street, on duty. A parked car caught their attention. There was a man inside... He turned out to be very drunk. It was Jeffrey Salas, 24.


Roger García and Sam Rodríguez pulled him out of the car - they couldn't let him drive in that condition. On the back seat they saw something horrible... 3 children were there, frightened and hungry.


The youngest was barely 2 months old. They were Jeffrey's kids...

"We asked the kids when was the last time they ate. They couldn't remember, none of them..." said officer Garcia.

Garcia bought some baby formula and fed the youngest baby.


It seemed like their father wasn't interested at all in what was happening.

"I like kids, so it was easy to feed the small one. But we were in a very unsafe neighbourhood," said Rodriguez.

Other officers came to help. They changed the diapers and wrapped the baby in a blanket. The officers also took the other two kids to a McDonald's.


The drunk father was arrested. His children were sent to a special shelter, they will stay there until the police clarifies the situation. It is highly probable that the children will have to go to an orphanage...

Source: www.ntd.tv