This couple lives in a garage built in 1924. Just look at what's inside...

Whitney Leigh Morris and her husband, Adam Winkleman, live in Los Angeles. Like any other young couple, they had been dreaming of having their own place for a long time, but everything seemed so expensive.

One day they stumbled upon an offer that seemed humble, but quite affordable: a family was selling their land by parts. The big lot with a house was already sold, and a smaller lot with an old garage was still available.

Though the price was attractive, nobody wanted a small piece of land with no house and an ancient garage instead.

So Whitney came up with an idea - transform the garage into a cozy little dwelling!

Good thing she is a designer. The garage turned out to be well-built and firm. Whitney had to think of a way to squeeze in everything that 2 people might need for a comfortable life.

Now the garage is just like any other full-functioning house: it has a kitchen, a bedroom, a small study and a bathroom.

She decided to use mainly white colour for decoration because in visually enlarges the space.

There is even a tiny patio at the back of the house!

The happy couple has two dogs. "We are not planning kids in the next couple of years, so we have time to think how we rebuild the house in case we need more space," says Adam.