This boy got suspended from school for 3 days. His mother made him work...

Demetris Payne is a mother, and she knows best how to raise her own child. One time her son Jadarien was suspended from school for 3 days.


For Demeris it was unacceptable. She could punish him in many ways - prohibit watching TV or using his computer - but she decided that if her son didn't want to study, then he would work.


She asked their neighbours to hire her son for some minor jobs - for free, of course.

The neighbours were happy to play along. Jadarien couldn't believe it was actually happening...

He worked for three full days, and the jobs were not the most "clean" ones.


He picked up garbage, mowed the lawn, gathered leaves and help in the gardens. After 3 days he went back to school. His mom informed the director about Jadarien's activities during the days of suspension.


It seems like a decent way to show your child what could happen if he or she doesn't study well. And what do you think? Share with us in comments.

Source: independent