He thought his mom had died in the shower. So he went to their neighbours for help...

Caitlin Chicalles had a rough day. She was so tired she could barely walk. The woman went to take a shower, but something went wrong and she fell down, leaving everything around covered in blood.

5-year-old Salvatore saw his mother on the floor covered in blood and decided that she was dead. He waited a bit - she wasn't moving or answering his questions.

Salvatore began to act! He wrapped his little sister in a blanket and went to their neighbour's house. He understood that it was the only way to get help.


"He was standing there, holding something in his arms," recalls Jessica Pena, their neighbour.

The boy asked her, "My mother is dead in the shower, can you take care of us?"


Jessica stood there perplexed for a minute, then she dialled 911. An ambulance arrived together with the police and even the firefighters. Doctors examined the woman and concluded that she was alive, but unconscious. It looked like she had a stroke - that's why she fell and hit her head.

Don't worry, now Salvatore's mom is all right!


Nobody was expecting Salvatore to do what he did. The boy realized he had to take care of his baby sister and go look for help.

"He practically saved me! I've never thought it could happen in my family..." says Caitlin.

Source: youtube