These children were playing outside and didn't see a big snake. It would have hurt them if not for the dogs...

Maiden and Mallory were playing in the backyard of their grandma's house. It was a nice summer day.


All of a sudden Paco and Slayer started to bark loudly. They saw something in the grass. The granny didn't understand what was going on, she thought the dogs were just playing. But they were barking more and more angrily.

Melissa Butt, the granny, saw a huge snake in the grass. It was poisonous. She grabbed the children and carried them inside the house.


Unfortunately, the snake managed to bite the dogs. Slayer fought it and killed it, but was badly injured in the process. Both dogs were taken to a veterinarian, where they were given an antidote.


Slayer had to stay in the hospital for the night, and Paco was less hurt. Now Slayer has scars on his face and paws, but the important thing is that he survived.


The kids didn't get hurt, just scared. They are very proud of their furry friends.


Source: facebook