They advised her to get rid of the child. But she gave birth anyway...

Eric and Tammy decided to have kids, and soon enough Tammy got pregnant. However, she felt sick, so she went to see a doctor. It turned out she had lupus.

The doctor warned her that the treatment was going to be difficult, painful and, worst of all, it could kill the baby. At that moment the sanest decision was to get rid of the baby. But Tammy didn't want to hear anything of that kind...


After another visit to the doctor, she learned that the baby wasn't gaining weight. It was highly improbable it would be born alive...


Doctors were giving the little girl only 5% chance of survival!

They called Eric to have a serious conversation. Pregnancy and lupus had already caused irreversible damage to Tammy's health. She wouldn't have survived the labor...


Little Zoe was born... She was tiny! Smaller than a Barbie doll!

Then a miracle happened. Zoe started gaining weight, she was becoming stronger every hour of every day. And her mother's health was getting better, too!


"Now I am a mother! I can't be sick, I have to be there for my kid!" said Tammy.


Zoe is almost an adolescent now. She looks a bit smaller than her peers, but she is a great student, a smart, sociable and joyful child.


Source: facebook