In Walmart some schmocks laughed at a foster mother. A woman tried to defend the family

Lindsay went shopping to Walmart. There she noticed a group of people - a single mom with several kids of different skin colour. It turned out it was a foster mother, who went to a supermarket to buy food using coupons for the first time.

Some of other customers were looking at that family and whispering, "So many kids! And all from different fathers, look!"


"She can't even dress them up well, why have so many children?"

"Now she'll buy them food with the coupons that social services gave her."

"I see what our taxes are spent on!"

Lindsay decided to help the family get rid of the nosy and rude people around them. She also helped them with the coupons as the mother didn't know how to use them properly. The poor woman was nervous and almost crying. But Lindsay hugged her and said, "It's gonna be fine!"


Lindsay felt really angry about the behaviour of other customers. So she posted this on Facebook:

"Are you laughing at her? She took all those children in! They were orphans! They don't have cool clothes, right. Well, she will buy it some day! And she will learn how to use coupons. How dare you speak of her like that? Go adopt some children and then we'll talk!"

Source: facebook