She is so beautiful that her parents don't let her go out of the house!

This stunningly beautiful girl almost never goes out of the house, because her parents are afraid that something may happen to her. Just look at her - she is a real Barbie!


You won't believe it - her beauty is natural, not a single plastic surgery! However, her appearance seems to have become a burden. This Russian girl is tired of living in a golden cage guarded by her own parents.


She is 26 years old, but she still needs her mother's help to put on clothes. That's what life in a luxurious "prison" does to you.


Angelica Kenova from Russia goes out of her house only accompanied by several bodyguard.


She also has an incredible body.


She says, "Girls need make-up only if they have problems with their face."


And adds, "When I was a child, my parents treated me like a princess. They didn't let me speak to other kids."


"I realize that I can't live a normal life... I am like a doll, and I think my parents programmed me to be one."


Her parents also make her do exercises, so that she stays thin.


Angelica says that she feels too grown up for the life she lives. She wants to get rid of the "protection" of her parents.