Brad Pitt: the mistakes I made while in the relationships with my wife

Pitt and Jolie got divorced after 11 years of happy marriage. Why did it happen? Let's see how Brad explains what he'd done wrong.

1. Never stop to take care of her

The heart of your wife is the most precious gift you've ever received. Take good care of it! Don't be lazy, show her your feelings.

2. Protect your own heart

Love yourself, too. Accept the life as it is.

3. Fall in love with her again and again

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You will change, she will change. Don't think she owes you anything: she won't be with you if you don't keep up with the changes. You both will have to fall in love over and over again to stay together.

4. Concentrate on her best qualities

We all have our flaws.

5. Don't try to change her

Love her for who she already is.

6. Take the responsibility


Make an effort. Control yourself. Manage your anger or irritation.

7. Don't accuse her

If your are angry, it's your fault, even if your are angry at her. You are a man. Be strong and wise.

8. Be with her

If she is upset or sad, be there for her, support her, listen to what she has to say. Let her open up to you.

9. Don't play serious or tough


Laugh and make her laugh.

10. Pay attention

If you are with her, don't think about anything else. Be there, body and mind.

11. Don't be an idiot

You'll make many mistakes. Admit them at least to yourself.

12. She should be able to have personal space

Women give a lot, worry a lot, control everything and everyone. Sometimes she needs a rest from all that.

13. Be vulnerable


Share your feelings and fears with her.

14. Be honest

Really, just don't lie to her. She is your wife.

15. Grow

Be a better man every day. Be ambitious, set goals.


16. Don't worry too much about the money.

It comes and goes. But you two play for the same team, so don't you dare fight with her about the money.

17. Don't hold resentment

And don't let the past affect your future.

18. Always choose love!

In fact, that's the only advice you should remember.