A 4-year-old had eaten this spice and it led to a tragedy...

Brianna Radar had a 4-year-old son, a perfectly healthy, nice and obedient boy.


One day the boy ended up playing in the kitchen. Mateo saw a bottle of cinnamon powder and decided to try it. All of a sudden the boy started suffocating, and when Brianna came to the kitchen and saw him, Mateo was already seizing.


He lost his consciousness right away. Brianna called the ambulance, and then rushed into the hospital with the boy. 1,5 hour later doctors announced the time of death... They explained that it was an accident, most likely provoked by the cinnamon powder - the boy suffocated because he inhaled it.


After the tragedy, Brianna decided to share the story with others. There are some dangers around us that people just don't notice.

Source: www.snopes.com