They've been best friends for 60 years. Then they discovered that they were brothers!

Walter MacFarlane discovered that his best friend was in fact his brother! Their age difference is 15 months.


Alan Robinson and Walter MacFarlane have been best friends for 60 years.


"Look, we like playing cribbage. We've been doing it our whole life," says MacFarlane.

The men were born and raised in Hawaii. They both played for a local football club "Punahou".


They met when they were in 6th grade.

"He was a party boy, while I didn't attend a single party at that age," told us MacFarlane. One circumstance caused a strong bond between the boys: MacFarlane never knew his father, and Robinson had been adopted.


"I had a younger brother, but he died when he was 19. I thought I would never know who my biological mother was," says Robinson.

MacFarlane started to look for his father with the help of his family. It took him many years. At some point he decided to use a service that offered DNA testing.

The first match was someone under the nickname Robi737.

"We called him Roby, and he was a pilot on 737 Aloha Airlines. It was Robinson!" said MacFarlane.

It turned out that Robinson used the same service to find information about his family.

That's how they came to know that they had the same mother.


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