A 79-year-old priest sold his house to buy an apartment for his 24-year-old husband

Philip Clements, a 79-year-old priest from the UK, met a 24-year-old Romanian model Florin Marin through a dating web-site.


They didn't care about the age difference - 55 years - and soon got married.

Clements sold his house in Sandwich, Kent, and used the money to buy an apartment in Bucharest, 2000 km away from his birth place.

To make sure his husband would have a great future, he put the apartment on his name.


In a while the couple started having fights and disagreements.

"We moved to Romania in April. At first it was all right. We went out a lot, laughed and spent time together, but after I had gone on a business trip to England in August, we started having disagreements."


"I didn't know the language and had no friends, I felt so lonely in Romania. Florin started to go out without me. He went dancing at night, and every time he would come back late. He explained to me that I was too old to be allowed to attend this kind of parties. I stayed home... Well, in the end we split.

He drove me to the airport. I've lost everything...", tells Clements.


Philip came back to the UK in September, and now he is forced to live at his friends' house.

Moreover, he can't be a priest anymore. English church is yet to recognize same sex marriages.


However, now the relationships between the two man are getting better. Marin even came to Sandwich to visit his ex-husband.


They are thinking of trying to be together again, this time in another country.

Source: www.dailymail.co.uk