The family of the groom spent $40,000 on the wedding. But the bride was preparing her own surprise...

Aurora García and Rafael Martínez planned a wedding of their dreams. They've spent around $40,000 on preparations and invited 300 people.

It would have been an amazing wedding if the bride hadn't learned something the day before...


After both of them said "yes", Garcia went to the stage.


She thanked all the guests for coming. She also said that she has a personal present for every guest, and they should check under their chairs. She asked everybody to open the envelopes they'd found.


In the envelopes there were 2 photos of Rafael cheating on his bride with her girl friend. In one of them they were kissing, in the other they were leaving a motel.


The bride said, "Enjoy your wedding, traitors. Congratulations."


The bride started suspecting that her boyfriend had been having an affair weeks ago. She hired a private detective to make sure.

Of course, after she'd seen the photos, she didn't want to marry this man anymore.

The wedding was eventually cancelled, Aurora returned all the presents to the guests. Then she went to the honey moon... alone.

Source: upsocl