A client came to complain about hard cupcakes, but it turned out to be joke...

Sharon is a mother of 4 and she has her own bakery. The residents of her small town respect this good and cheerful woman. Unfortunately, recently she's been having problems.


Her brother died in an accident, her younger son suffers from a chronic disease, and on top of everything, she has been diagnosed with ovary cancer. The poor woman has to work day and night to pay her bills.

However, she is behind the counter every day. She is very attentive with customers, so her clients decided to make a surprise for her!


A DJ of a local radio station entered the bakery. She was pretending to be an angry client. She insisted that Sharon had sold her hard cupcakes and asked her to look for herself.


Sharon opened the box and realised that there were no hard cupcakes in it... Watch the video at 2:30 and you'll see how she reacted!

Instead of cupcakes there were banknotes! Sharon couldn't hold her tears. We hope this little present will help her get through all the difficulties!