They've lost everything because they liked to post on Facebook

Before posting a pic with your new car or new expensive TV on Facebook, read this article.

For years this couple has been saving money to buy a house with a garden.

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Finally, they managed to buy a house of their dreams: great neighbourhood, close to a school. Perfect place for a young family.

"My wife wanted to share these news with the whole world. She posted photos of our old house and of the new place we had gotten."

In a while the couple decided that they were ready to move into the new house. They hired a random man with a truck to help them move the furniture.

The truck arrived to their old house, and the workers started to load it with their belongings. The couple followed the truck on their own car as it was moving around the town.

But the truck went another direction for some reason. The family was sure it was waiting for them in front of their new house.


It wasn't. They tried contacting the workers, but unsuccessfully. Their worst mistake was that they didn't write down the licence plate number of the truck.


It became obvious that they have been fooled... All their belongings disappeared!

The police concluded that it happened because the thieves had seen their posts on Facebook about moving to a new house.

Be careful with what you post online! This information may be used against you!

Source: telegraph