She hired a modest nanny for $5 per hour. And the girl turned out to be a princess!

Before turning into a princess, Diana Spenser used to lead a modest and discreet life.

She had been earning $5 per hour working as a nanny.


In 1980 Mary Robertson, an American that lived in London, was looking for someone to babysit her son Patrick while she was at work.

She contacted a local agency. They recommended a 18-year-old Diana Spencer, the only nanny available at the time. Mary had no idea she was hiring an aristocrat!


Diana successfully passed all the tests and Robertson hired her immediately. The new help didn't only have to look after the child, but also wash dishes, clothes and toys.


One day Robertson found Diana's check under the sofa and realised that the nanny was a girl from one of the oldest families in England. When she approached Diana with that information, the princess didn't react at all.

"She just asked me if I wanted her to take Patrick for a walk."

Years later Diana admitted that those years that she worked for the Robertson family were the happiest in her life.

At some point Mary saw on the TV that Diana started going out with prince Charles. In a while the nanny told her she couldn't work for her anymore. Next time Mary saw her was at princess's wedding.

However, they kept in touch for the nest 16 years. When Diana died in 1997, Robertson was devastated.

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Source: elitereaders