Jolie became an object of fierce criticism. The reason is unbelievable!

A world-class actress, a UN goodwill ambassador and a mother of many kids, Angelina Jolie went to Jordan to help Syrian refugees. After the visit international medias attacked her as if having forgotten how much this person does to help all the poor and the disadvantaged of the world, including adopting several children.

Angelina was wearing a simple black dress without any decorations or accessories. The thing is that there was no bra under the dress. It caused a avalanche-like reaction in the media, because there were many muslim children on the field...

In short, she was accused of being promiscuous and lacking political correctness. Naturally, an army of Angelina's fans answered to these attacks, explaining that several years ago Jolie's both breasts had been amputated. She made a reconstruction. Perhaps for her it just wasn't comfortable to wear a bra.

Angelina decided not to start arguing. It seems like a wise thing to do, because nobody can prove now she wasn't indeed wearing it, and besides, it's not even a decent topic to discuss. So weird... Kim Kardashian is often walking around almost completely naked, and angel-like Angelina gets so much criticism for a long black dress... Good luck Angie! We love you!