She slipped into a coma after giving birth to her child. Doctors didn't know what to do, but then a nurse had an idea...

Shelley and Jeremy Cowley were about to have a baby, and the pregnancy was going well... right until the labor started.

Something went wrong. Doctors warned Shelley that they'd have to do a c-section that may cause complications. The young mother was scared she wouldn't wake up after the surgery...


At some point Jeremy started to lose hope, watching the doctors fighting for his wife's life. Rylan, his daughter, was born healthy, but Shelley was in a bad shape... It turned out that blood clots had formed in her arteries. They caused coma.

The doctors made everything in their power to bring her back to life, but Shelley didn't respond...


Then a brilliant idea occurred to one of the nurses. She remembered that "skin-to-skin" contact is a very powerful tool that doctors use with the weakest newborns. So why not try to use the same technique with the mother? She brought tiny Rylan to her mom.

When she put the girl on her mother's chest, she fell asleep. The doctors had to wake her up and tickle a bit so that she moves or cries. In 10 minutes the baby started crying, and all of a sudden Shelley's indicators began to change... She survived thanks to her daughter!


It was an amazing moment for the whole family. It took Shelley a week to completely recover her consciousness. When she opened her eyes, she saw her daughter sleeping on her chest.



Now the mother and the daughter have a special connection.

Source: healtheternally