A homeless person spent 2,5 hours watching over $500 that someone had forgotten in a car

In Glasgow a homeless man stood for 2,5 hours under a pouring rain to watch over money so that it wouldn't get stolen.

James McGunan was walking down the street when he saw 450 pounds on the front seat of a car. The window of the car was down.

He waited 2,5 hours for the owner to come back, and then took the bag with the money and brought it to the nearest law firm so that nobody else would steal it.

When the owner of the car and his colleague came back, they were utterly surprised.

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The owner found a note that said that the bag with the money was in the closest law firm office. Later Alisha, the colleague of the owner, found the honest homeless man and thanked him for what he has done.


She even hugged him.


Now John McMonagle wants to thank James in his own way and with extraordinary generosity. He created a page on GoFundMe to raise 5000 pounds and help the man and other homeless of Glasgow. Some people already offered James a job and a place to stay for 3 months.


That's how John commented James's behaviour:

"I was surprised he didn't take the money. He preferred to sleep on the street, not steal the money and find a bed for the night. This man has nothing, but he didn't take even the bag. So weird. It means that there are still good people on this planet. I want to buy him new shoes and a sleeping bag."

Source: mirror