She was banned from school because her hair was "too red"

Emily Reay had problems with the school board because of her looks. And it wasn't piercing or tattoos - she doesn't have any. The administration prohibited her to attend classes up till the final exams for a seemingly innocent reason.

The thing is that her hair is red. Very red.


At first Emily was surprised by the decision of the school board, but then she got furious. In Carsil, her hometown, she is known to be a talented musician. And her bright hair help her to be recognized. According to her, the red colour gives her additional confidence on the stage. If she dyes her hair in another colour, she will lose her identity and stop being "the redhead singer".


Judy and Andy Reay, her parents, went to talk to the director, but nothing changed. School rules are clear on that matter: students can't dye their hair in any colour. The parents offered a solution to the problem: Emily will attend the school in a hat. But the director didn't like this option either.

The family was informed that Emily has 7 days to dye her hair in a natural colour, or she won't be able to do the final exams.


However, the girl doesn't want to give up. She wants to prove that red is one of natural colours!