An innocent woman was released from prison after serving 22 years

Tyra Patterson was just 19 years old when she was found guilty for a crime she hadn't committed. According to the investigators, the girl shot at Michelle Lai (15) from Dayton and then robbed her. However, the shot wasn't made by Tyra - it was another person of the four accused of that crime. Unfortunately, the girl was considered to be an accomplice and received the same sentence as the actual killer...


Patterson went to prison in 1994, for years she've been saying she was innocent. A recording of a 911 call, on which we can clearly hear Tyra begging the doctors to come and save Michelle, was excluded from the evidence for some reason.  After the recording got leaked to the press, the jury claimed that they would have considered the girl not guilty if they had heard it.


The sister of the victim, who was standing very close when the murder happened, also states that she's sure that Tyra is innocent. Holly Lai insisted on releasing Tyra many times. Some celebrities supported the girl, too.