A teenager shot his girlfriend's parents because they prohibited her to go out with him

A 17-year-old is being accused of murder. The parents of his girlfriend found out that he had neonazi views and prohibited their daughter to go out with him.


According to the Fairfax police, the teenager shot at Scott Fricker, 48, and Buckley Coon-Fricker, 43, in their own house and then tried to kill himself, but didn't succeed. Now he is in a hospital under a close supervision of the police and doctors.

Antisemitic views of the kid has been revealed after Buckley had found his Twitter account. There were many racist tweets, the young man supported Hitler, demanded a "white revolution" and wrote antisemitic and homophobic comments.


Despite of all that, when parents prohibited the girl to go out with him, she became so upset that she couldn't eat. On the next family reunion her parents explained her well why in particular they were unhappy about her relationships, and she agreed with them. However, when the parents entered her room, they saw the guy. They had a conflict, and the teenager pulled a gun and shot his girlfriend's parents.

Source: www.independent.co.uk