She's been taking pictures of homeless people for 10 years. Imagine her surprise when she's found her father at a dumpster

32-year-old Diana Kim thought she would never see her father again. Her mother divorced him when Diana was a baby.


She's always been keen on photography. She inherited this talent from her father. Her family even used to have a small photo studio, but after Diana's parents had divorced, everything went sideways. She ended up on the street, sometimes she wouldn't eat in days.

In 2003 she managed to get into a university. There Diana started a social project dedicated to registering and taking pictures of homeless people. 10 year later this project led her to her father in Honolulu.


She's been searching for him for years, but without any success. And all of a sudden there he was, standing near a dumpster, an old homeless man - her father!

When she introduced herself, he didn't recognise her. But Kim managed to convince him to come with her, so she could feed him and get him some clean clothes.


Later Kim found out that her grandmother kicked her father out of the house because he refused to bath. It turned out he was schizophrenic, and voice in his head didn't let him take a shower.

Kim took her father in, but he began to disappear from time to time. Sometimes he would start talking with someone when there was nobody around. In 2014 he had a heart attack. Diana got him medical help, the doctors started to treat his heart disease and schizophrenia. He is still on meds, but he is getting better.


Take care of your parents so that your children take an example from you one day.

Source: Bintang