A 9-year-old renounced his present to buy blankets for homeless people instead

His name is Mika Fry. A while ago he lived with his parents in a shelter for homeless people. It was there where he understood that we should help those in need.


One day he was walking down the street with his grandma, and they saw a group of homeless people freezing on the street. The kid asked his grandmother, why hadn't they gone to a shelter, and she answered that there was not enough place for everybody. So the boy decided to help them.


He knew his parents wanted to give him an Xbox for his birthday. He asked them not to give him this present and spend the same amount of money on blankets for homeless instead. They managed to buy 30 blankets.


Then he asked his friends for help, and they bought 30 more blankets. Together they distributed the items among those in need. Microsoft learned about what Mika had done and invited him to one of their stores, where the boy got an Xbox for free.

He will grow up to be a great person.

Source: Theepochtimes