In this town no one is allowed to die

The Norwegian town Longyearbyen is the largest settlement in the territory of Svalbard and it is the world's northernmost city. You can find no animals, trees or even traffic lights there. This town has a population of 2 000 people.

In Longyearbyen there is a law which prohibits to die in the territory of this settlement. Actually, people are allowed to die, nobody knows when it can happen to you, but you simply can’t be buried there. The weather conditions of Longyearbyen are so severe that a corpse can’t decompose and, therefore, attracts lots of predators, especially white bears.

That is why in the case of injuries or serious disease the patient needs to be transported to the mainland.

Moreover, no one is born in this town, because in accordance with the law pregnant women are also sent to the mainland.

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