17 gifs which explain the world better than textbooks

There is no doubt that modern school textbooks lack visualization of the information they content. Often it is much useful to see than to imagine. Therefore, we are presenting you 18 gifs which demonstrate some physical phenomena and processes which you can observe in your everyday life.

The annual cycle of seasons

600 million years of human evolution in 15 seconds

Asperatus, the world’s rarest type of cloud formations

A real-life video game

The Solar System

A cross-section view of an engine

The speed of light. The hypothetical photon which moves between the Earth and the Moon

This is a simple example explaining how the electric engine works

The development of a child in different stages of pregnancy

Fire and hydrogen

Metal which repels water

The eruption of Mexico's Colima volcano

Water and liquid nitrogen

A giant gummy bear is put into boiling potassium chlorate

Ice made out of supercooled water

This is how the amoeba moves

Neil deGrasse Tyson shows the main principles of harmonic oscillators

It's so interesting, isn't it?

Source: interesno.cc