You only need to break one window for a house to become totally abandoned

Have you ever heard of the theory of broken windows? It was developed by the social scientists James Wilson and George Kelling in 1982. According to this theory:

If there is a broken window in a house which is not immediately repaired, soon all the windows in this houses will be broken as a result of vandalism. And why? Just because it is funny to break glass. But, above all, this broken window is sending a message: there is no one here who can keep order.

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On the basis of this theory lots of experiments were conducted. In this article we present you the most interesting one:

In the 1980s the New York subway was in a sorry state. There were enormous piles of garbage, graffiti on trains and a high crime rate. At this time even getting people to buy a ticket was difficult as people could simply jump over the turnstile which was easy and free.

When David Gunn became the new President of the New York City Transit Authority the first thing he decided was to get rid of graffiti. Does this sound strange? According to Mr.Gunn “graffiti is a symbol of the collapse of the system” and therefore one of the most important steps of his renovation plan was a fight against this act of vandalism.

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And we can see the consequences of this theory in our everyday life. A piece of paper which has been thrown on the ground soon will become a pile of litter. A boss who one time violates the rules of subordination, in the way he treats his or her employees will never regain their respect. Even an insignificant lie can transform into serious cheating.

Chaos starts with something small if no one pays attention to it. To insure that this doesn’t happen you need to start with your own life. If you want to change it for the better don't forget to wash your hair, even for a day - nobody knows what consequences it can lead to.

And what examples of the theory of broken windows do you know? Leave them in the comment section!