Probably, the only case of teleportation: the Philadelphia Experiment

When: Summer, 1943, the midst of World War II.

Where: USA.

Who: the U.S. Navy and Albert Einstein. The USS Eldridge.

Albert Einstein, Альберт Эйнштейн

Goal: to make the USS Eldridge invisible using Einstein's unified field theory.

What happened to the ship: On July 22, 1943 generators activated an electromagnetic field which made a battleship disappear for several minutes shrouded with green mist.

The second attempt of the experiment took place on October 28. That time the ship completely vanished and appeared at the marine base in Norfolk, 600 kilometers from the initial location and 15 minutes in the past. The USS Eldridge was detected there after a certain period of time. Then it disappeared again with a green flash of lightning and came back to Philadelphia.

What happened to the ship’s crew: The majority of sailors developed schizophrenia and some of them completely lost their mind. Many members of the crew were seriously injured while teleporting and others, who were not so fortunate, died in a horrible way - they melt into the hull of the ship. Some of the few survivors vanished after the experiment and nobody saw them again.

Filadelfia Team

Now: The officials deny the fact that the Philadelphia experiment was conducted. For the U.S. Navy it has never existed and there are no documents proving that electromagnetic fields have been used for teleportation.

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