Are you allergic to anything? Just imagine that your great-grandparents didn’t know what this word meant!

The 20th century started with great technological discoveries in many spheres of human life. Electricity, the plane, television, spacecraft - practically all the things around us were invented about 100 years ago.

But these grand achievements developed side by side with new diseases which emerged at the same time.


It is an epidemic of our century. In the 20th century a person’s diet didn’t include such a huge amount of sugar. Also our great-grandparents didn't know what junk food was.


The name of this disorder appeared only at the end of the previous century. And according to the Spanish Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology, by 2025 50% of the world population will suffer from this immune disease.



Yes, people of the 20th century were familiar with melancholy but it has never been so widespread as now. Nowadays it is actually one of the biggest global problems. Halle Berry, Winston Churchill, Britney Spears, Joanne Rowling are among those who have this mood disorder.

Britney Spears