In 1897 a man was imprisoned because of a ghost

It happened in USA in the end of the 19th century. Elva Hister was found dead in her house on the 23d of January 1897. While the police was on its way to the house, Elva's husband Edward Shu changed her into a beautiful dress and put her body in the bedroom. He also covered her neck with a scarf.

When the doctors were examining Elva's body, Shu was crying so loud that they decided not to proceed with the examination in order not to torture the husband.


Elva Hister

A month after Elva's funeral her mother had a dream: Elva pointed at her husband and said that he was a cruel and violent man, and that it was him who had strangled her because she hadn't cooked the meat for the dinner in the right manner.


Mary Jane Hister, Elva's mother

The family of the deceased insisted on exhumation and autopsy of the body. Death from asphyxiation was confirmed. Edward Shu was accused of murder.

On the 22d of June 1897 the trial took place. Shu's lawyer argued that a ghost's testimony couldn't be allowed in court. But the husband lost and was sentenced to a life in prison.


The house where the murder occurred