A monument that reveals its secret once a year for a minute

In Anthem, Arizona, there is an unusual monument to the US military forces, soldiers and veterans of war. 364 days per year it looks like any other vanguard sculpture with a vague meaning. And only on the 11th of November, the Veterans day, exactly at 11.11 the monument reveals its true symbolic meaning.


364 days per year it is "inactive".


Every year on the 11th of November the rays of sun shine through the holes on the stone pillars and form an image of the State seal of the USA on the ground.


The five pillars symbolise the Navy, the Marine Corps, the Coast Guard, the Air Forces and the Army.


Every pillar is decorated with the emblems of each organisation. The order and the size of the pillars correspond with the manpower of the forces.


The unusual monument wasn't that easy to build. Its creators made many precise calculations and even used meteorological data from the past 100 years to ensure that the sunlight falls on the right spot.


"We calculated it for the next 500 years," says the chief engineer of the project Jim Martin. "If the monument still stands at that time, it will do precisely what it does now."


Source: boredpanda