The way your loved ones sleep can tell you a lot about their personality

Fetal position 


Hard outside, vulnerable inside. These people feel love, resentment, happiness and betrayal in a very penetrating kind of way. They know they may become extremely vulnerable if they open up to someone. That's why they try to hide their feelings, disguising as a hedgehog-like creature. They have a great inner force that helps them to overcome difficulties.

On the back


This position may seem too normal, even boring, but that's the paradox: these people tend to be a centre of attention on every party and the most sociable person in any room. They easily find approach to virtually anybody, they gather many like-minded people around them and they chat on social media a lot. This kind of people a usually as easy to read as an open book: they have no mystery inside them.

Starfish position 


Legs and arms pointing in every direction - these people are cosmopolitan and altruistic, shameless and sharing. They would give away all they have to people in need. They live like birds in the sky, free and light-hearted, and don't complicate things.

Astrologist's position 


Body is relaxed, hands behind the head, eyes, though closed, seem to be looking at the stars... That's how creators, wise men and philosophers sleep. They like to reflect on the big picture at any time of the day. It's very interesting to talk to these people, but it's not easy to become their friend.

On the side


These people are ambitious, they have an incredible sense of justice and are honest and trustworthy. They are ready to defend what they believe in, rarely make compromises and can be selfish. But at the same time they appreciate life and love those around them.

On the belly 


If a person hides their stomach and puts their hands under the pillow, they are hiding something. It's not about guilty conscience, but their way to manage things. They surely work as an administrator or an adviser. They are perfect diplomats, manipulators and impartial judges, they are not used to revealing their thoughts to others and tend to talk only about pragmatic and necessary things.

King's pose


It's not the same as the astronomer's pose. Here we have a king - he is the ruler of the world, fearless and unwilling to share the bed. He is free and unpreoccupied, ambitious and dreamful, and very idealistic.

Hugging a pillow 


These people don't want to get rid of what they think is good and important in this life. They embrace people around them in an authoritarian manner. Sometimes they may be obsessive and break boundaries.