This 16-year-old Norwegian girl has a beauty vlog on YouTube, but...

Emma Ellingsen has a channel on YouTube and an Instagram page where she shares secrets of beauty. As it commonly happens these days, she looks way older than she is. Oh, and she is a transgender.


Emma started uploading videos to YouTube in 2014, and in 2016 her channel became a full-functioning vlog. Some of the videos are in Norwegian, others in English. Emma shares her favourite make-up techniques, cosmetic procedures etc.

In June 2017 she admitted that she is a transgender.

"I realized I wasn't a boy at the age of 8 or 9. In fact, it was when I knew transgenders existed - I saw a documentary dedicated to the topic."

She always liked to play with dolls and dress up like a girl after school. After watching the documentary, she wrote a message to her mother.

"I wrote that I wanted to be a girl. I don't quite remember what she responded, but I guess she was okey with that."

Then she had to explain this change to the school board.

"I got a lot of support from my classmates. It turned out most of them had already noticed that I was transsexual."

In the video she claims that she has never taken hormones, only some kind of pills that "detain masculine puberty". But she added that in several months (meaning now) she would start hormone therapy. Emma has a lot of transsexual friends.

Here is a video that was seen more than 3 million times.

She has more than 150,000 subscribers in Instagram. When you look at these pictures, it's hard to believe this pretty girl was born a boy.