That's how an armed robbery in a small store ended up...

An odd robbery attempt happened in Weston, Florida. It was caught on security cameras. An armed criminal tried to rob a convenience store, but the cashier just refused to obey him.

On the tape we can see how the suspect enters the store. He is wearing a red hoody, the hood is up. He grabs some sweets and approaches the cash register.


Then the criminal pulled a gun, pointed it to the cashier and demanded to give him all the money from the cash register.

The manager just looked at him without saying a word. The criminal repeated his demands, but the cashier ignored his words yet again and simply kept looking at him firmly.

So the intruder took some sweets and left the store without any money. The police is already looking for this man. He is a suspect in several other cases of armed robberies throughout Broward disctrict.

Here is the video: