At first she thought it was a stupid joke, but then she realized something...

Scottish tradition of giving wedding gifts is somewhat unusual, so when a bride Kerian Watt received one, she was almost sure it was a joke. Stephen, her husband-to-be at that time, gave her something truly weird. When the bride unwrapped the present, she saw... a toy duck.


Then Stephen asked her to squeeze the duck. Followed by laughs and smiles of the guests, she did what he asked. And that was when her real present appeared - a puppy pug!


Only the groom knew that pugs were Kerian's weak spot. She had been dreaming of a small dog since she was a child! But for different reasons she couldn't get one, so Stephen decided to make her even happier on her wedding day. He had been preparing this surprise for 5 months: the only people who knew about it were himself, the ex-owner of the pup and the wedding photographer who captured the moment the "present" appeared.

It looks like she was right to choose him as her husband: